Why Ed

Why ED

So you are probably asking yourself. Why should I choose Eastern Distributors to partner my business?We pride ourselves on Customer Service and Satisfaction, in order to achieve this we place a great emphasis on the following:



Eastern Distributors is conveniently located in Dandenong South. Enabling us to deliver to any part of Victoria with ease.


Our Fleet consists of 8 vehicles ranging from semi trailers to 1 tonne utes, this allows us to cater for business’s of all sizes.Some of our trucks are fitted with tailgate loaders, along with electronic pallet jacks we are able to quickly and efficiently unload your order if you don’t have a forklift.


All of our drivers have forklift licenses; we can therefore unload your order while you attend to your customers.


We have set delivery dates to all areas; this allows you to plan your day accordingly, knowing that we will be there on a set day every time. We are a very flexible company and we know from time to time you may need 2 delivers in a week; we can always help you out when those times arise.


Stock Control

We have an in house stock controller whose job is to ensure we have enough stock to for fill all orders on a daily basis.

Stock audits are performed on orders to ensure that the correct products are place on your order. These audits are random and we have found that they improve the accuracy of orders being picked. These audits are performed both in house and at store.

Product Range

We have a diverse product range in our warehouse; this can be viewed in the products area of this website. If we do not have what you are looking for, we will endeavor to source it for you. We are always looking at new product ranges that will benefit you our customer.


We currently have two (2) reps on the road, who’s role is to assist our business partners in any way possible. Our reps work closely with the manufacturing companies; this gives us a better understanding of products that are out in the market place.

We can assist in a new store setup or a revamp of your store as we use our knowledge of your geographic location to determine which product mix best suits your area. Our reps are easily contactable and often answer calls outside normal business hours.


We are always updating our systems whether it be computer, modern material handling equipment or simply procedural.

We now have an online ordering system which allows you to place an order or simply look up a price, we have found that this assists in greater accuracy. Our warehouse staff are now equipped with scanners to pick all orders, this should aid in greater accuracy.

As mentioned previously we have electronic pallet jacks and trucks fitted with tailgate loaders to help our drivers unload your order if you don’t have a forklift.

We are always looking at ways to help enhance your dealings with Eastern Distributors.