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About Eastern Distributors

Eastern Distributors was founded by the Tudor family in 1961, the business was based at the Bayswater rail yards. Originally concentrating on the distribution of briquettes which were transported by rail in bulk; the briquettes were then bagged and sold.

Eastern Distributors started growing and new lines were being introduced, predominately chaff and grains. The business left the rail yards of Bayswater and established itself in Kilsyth.

Over the coming years the Tudor family grew their business in the Yarra Valley and Gippsland areas, concentrating mainly on stock feed but incorporating some cat and dog foods.

In February 2002 the Addamo family purchased Eastern Distributors and started to build on the foundations the Tudors had begun.

Over the past 10 years Eastern Distributors has relocated twice, leaving Kilsyth and moving to Boronia, then again some 7 years later moving to its current home in Dandenong South. 

During the last 10 years Eastern Distributors has undergone a lot of changes to its customer base and product range. What we have not changed is our focus to provide quality service.

We have a number of delivery vehicles on the road ranging from semi trailers to 1 tonne utes, this allows us to deliver to all of our customers either in Rural Victoria or the Melbourne Metropolitan areas.

We have also increased staffing levels in our Administration, Warehouse and Sales departments to help cater for the needs of our growing customer base.

Eastern Distributors will continue to implement changes to insure we are the leaders in our game. Forever improving customer service and product range.